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Formerly a castle, the place is described as surrounded by vast fish ponds. Drawbridge, dovecote and decimal barn constitute this strong feudal dwelling.  

Ruined at the very beginning of the 19th century, the Château was deconstructed and its stones recovered to build the Manoir de la Beslière. The noblest stones will be used to build the Château de la Rochelle-Normande.

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The place has been renovated with love thanks to the skill of local craftsmen, concerned about respecting the existing heritage. Nearly a year was needed to restore order to the one-hectare estate and welcome the first visitors.

Your visit will contribute to future renovations and maintenance of the park and its history!

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Our vision

At the Manoir, we love the earth. And she makes it good for us! Come and take a walk in the vegetable garden to discover the different varieties of vegetables, flowers and aromatic plants that we grow with love, simply and organically.

Concerned about the environment, you will find here a comfortable room, a generous breakfast and a family happy to welcome you. 

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